Nike’s Swoosh Fly Collection Explores our Emotional Connection to the Game

As lovers of basketball, there’s a certain comfort we find in the most basic things; the squeak of sneakers on hardwood, the unique routine each of us has developed before shooting a free throw and, of course, hoodies, sweats and jerseys. It’s like the staple diet of a whole subculture.

The new Nike Swoosh Fly collection explores the emotional connection we have to these staples, and it does it specifically for women.

Comprised of the sort of pre- and post-game lifestyle pieces we’ve worn all our lives; tees, shorts, mesh jerseys, hoodies and sweatpants, the collection seems simple, but every piece has been redesigned to better fit the female body.

The shorts have been reworked with a tighter waist and wider leg, the jersey is more narrow to stop the jersey straps sliding around, and upper body pieces are built with more slender dimensions.

You can get a look at the Swoosh Fly collection in the pics – featuring Diana Taurasi, A’ja Wilson and Sue Bird, no less – and catch them online and in-store now at